Our younger Summit Lake Racers are part of the Nancy Greene Racing Program and compete against racers from other hills at races throughout the season. Our High School Racers include ski and snowboard teams who train for the High School Provincials in March.



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Nancy Greene Racer Newsletter (2017)

Hello NG families,
Our first NG practice will be Sunday January 8th 2017. Practices will be every Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm unless there is a scheduled zone race. This year we will be relaxing the start of practice to 10 am. Please have your racer ready to go for the warm up at 10 am. They will break for lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. The afternoon portion of the practice will focus on all mountain technical free skiing and fun and will be optional for the first year racers and others who feel a full day practice may be too much for them. However the afternoon practice is recommended for all other racers. Any questions, please talk to their coach.
Try to get your child has out to ski at least once prior to the first practice so they are familiar with their equipment and the lifts. All ski equipment should be checked by a ski technician. You can check your equipment with the Summit Lake Ski hill or Shon’s Bike and Ski.
Remember that your child participates in sports for his or her enjoyment, not yours.
Encourage your child to follow the rules and resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
Teach your child that doing one’s best is more important than winning.
Make your child feel like a winner by offering praise for competing fairly and trying their best.
Never ridicule or yell at your child for making a mistake or losing a competition.
Remember that children learn best by example…so applaud good performances by both your own child their team and others
Never question an official’s judgment or honesty in public.
Respect and show appreciation for the volunteer coaches who give their time to provide opportunities for your child and understand that you have a responsibility to be a part of your child’s development

Some important dates to remember:

  • January 8th, 1st NG practice.
  • January 22nd , Zone Race , Red Mountain, Rossland. Dual GS
  • February 12th, Club Races at Summit Lake
  • January 29th Zone race, Phoenix ski hill Dual SL,
  • February 26th, Zone race, Salmo. Dual GS/SL
  • March 5th, Zone Finals, Whitewater ski hill, Festival format

Race Considerations
Races are optional but are a large part of our program and key in racer development. Your racer (and you!) will really get a lot out of the day. Racers run each event individually but we compete as a team. We group the racers into teams and each team stays together most of the day, warm up, drills, race, usually with a break for lunch and some time for free skiing after the last race. The host hill works very hard to make race day run smoothly and fun for your racer. The goal is to make the experience positive and fun for your racer.
We do not hold practices at Summit Lake on races days.
Please let us know by responding to this email when you know if your racer will be attending a zone race. Please no later than the weekend prior to the race.

If you commit to a race it is very important that you show up for the race. The club submits a team or team(s) of 8 to 12 racers to the sponsor hill’s race committee depending on how many racers have committed to go to each race. If some racers fail to show the team may not qualify to race as a team.
If you are attending a Zone Race either out of town or at our own hill, you need to be at the hill by 8:30 am to pick up your bib and check in with your coach. Look for our group in the lodge.

If your child is sick and can’t make it, please get a hold of another family or coach attending the race to let them know so we aren’t waiting around at the hill for you.

It’s a good idea to put a couple of snacks (granola bar, small piece of fruit etc..) in your racer’s pocket because sometimes they have to wait in line at the top of the hill for a bit, and they may get hungry.
Each racer is timed, but it is a team total that the awards are given out for. **Except for the older racers – they can compete for individual medals
If you have a new racer, or unsure racer, they are allowed to follow a parent through the course so they know which way to go. However DO NOT CROSS THE FINISH LINE!!! The racer must be the only one to cross the finish line (it messes up the timing for the next skier if the parent crosses)

Red and other hills in the area are a bit larger, so if your racer is unfamiliar with the race hill….for example the runs, lifts, lodge, washrooms please make sure you are considering this on racer day. On this basis it may be a good idea to have one parent available after the completion of each run during race day and possibly throughout the day in between runs to help their athlete use the bathroom, get snacks, water, etc and find their way back to their team. Depending on the age of your athlete just being somewhere on the hill may not be enough…They need to be able to find you!……you may want to coordinate with another parent and designate someone responsible for multiple racers. We are all here to make this a positive experience for your racer. Please communicate with your racers race day coach if you have any questions.

Most of all HAVE FUN!


Photo Credits: Thank you to Dani Tschudin of Visual Exposures for the use of his photos on this website.