We’ve all been patient, and now there’s snow in the mountains!

Hopefully your patience extends to the SLSA team, who’ve been hard at work for months behind the scenes, getting safety accreditations done, building a new handle tow and groomer shed, and trying to budget for the friendly staff that greets you each day (job postings coming before Nov 4 to WorkBC and our social media). Insurance and fuel prices continue to skyrocket, but we’re doing our best to have affordable skiing in the community (all prices attached to this email).

Many people are asking how to buy passes before the Nov 30 early bird deadline. The best way is at the Nov 4 Ski Swap at the Nakusp High School gym (gear drop-off at 9am; swap and pass sales 10am-1pm; unsold gear pickup by 2pm). Although the gear swap is cash only, for passes, you can also e-transfer to: payments@skisummitlake.com.  Here’s the challenge. We need your signed, colour-copy of the waiver BEFORE we can accept funds. Yes, this is new; yes, this is for all ski hills. We’re working on printable downloads of the waiver for those with colour printers that can do legal size, but for now, we need you in person (they need to be witnessed by us anyway). Fortunately, board member Ramsay has kindly offered to do so from his house on Nov 24 and Nov 30 from 9-5pm (rmkee421@gmail.com; 89 1st ave NW, Nakusp). We don’t have pre-season staff or an office, and we’re constantly working on ways to make this easier, but liability/insurance is becoming a huge challenge. Passes can be picked up at the hill on your first day; don’t forget to make a silly face for your picture!

In other news, we’re opening the hill to club ideas! In addition to our legacy racing clubs, we’d like to open the hill for offers of ANY club that could bring the community to the hill. It could be ski-related, but we’re open to anything: snowshoeing; arts and crafts in the lodge; avalanche safety; child care/toddler play; snow yoga? Up to you what you charge them, but if you can bring 5 or more ticketed participants, you will receive a day pass when you’re there, AND a second pass for personal use another day. If you’re interested, please talk with Murray at 1:00 on Nov 4, or email info@skisummitlake.com.

We’re also excited to work on a kids area and set up a working group for a skills park (interested parties meet at 1:00 on Nov 4 or see Skye at the Nakusp and Area Youth Centre). We’re always looking for volunteers, especially for grant writing, patrolling, and trail maintenance. Sign up at: https://aslcs.com/becomevolunteer and click the Summit Lake Ski Hill box. Last, we’re changing the parking lot use: when you come in, turn right for parking, and walk above the lodge for riding. Turning left is for quick dropoffs (no parking) and accessibility needs.

We’ll be sending more emails as things heat up/cool off, so let us know if you know of another email address for our list, and feel free to forward this email throughout the known universe.

Keep that snowdancing going!


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